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John Brown

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.

Jim Rohn

We correlate pain & suffering... It seems we can not, or will not, separate the two.  Should we?  Training for "that thing".. Your "thing".  It MUST be worth the pain & suffering.. It MUST require discipline.. and the suffering MUST elevate you.  You must gain reward in psychological progression, revolution, & evolution... Not just physical progress.  Our purpose is always to RISE ABOVE.  In reference to that... You must be coming from or reveling in some sort of "depths".  These depths may just be where you are sitting.  They may be a plateau, some form of complacency you've allowed to creep in, or maybe it's that mountain you've been climbing and keep sliding down.  If you're sliding, be sure you are not suffering without thought.. intelligent thought and the ability to remove yourself from the ego or chest pounding that may be stopping the flow of progress.  Know yourself... You must find the discipline to explore your own depths of suffering and what the payoff will be.  You will find through the repeated act of mindful discipline, that progression will come without the focus on an end result... rather a step towards that next layer of the onion... be willing to peal it back, no matter the suffering.